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Today was a day that I have looked forward to for a while. I did not realize that Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida offers an up close behind the scene tour of Montu an inverted roller coaster. So today and a few days ago as I did the tour twice. First time it was a rainy day so I wanted to go again on a nice day to get some photos. You meet up with a tour guide and one of the ride operators goes along with you. The tour starts with a look at the brake system and then you head for the behind the scene part of the tour. We headed down a stairway into the work area of the coaster. There are various parts for Montu in storage. Once past the maintenance building we then walked over for some very close looks at the track work and a good photo spot. So I was able to shoot some cool photos and then we headed for the next part of the tour. They take you into a gated area and you get to go up the mid coarse brake run stairway. You get to go up about 40 or 50 feet in the air and get views of the coaster you can only get while riding. Back down the stairs and then you head into the coaster maintenance building where the trains are maintained. Once inside you are shown various wheel types, how magnetic brakes work and they have a wheel assembly display showing different wheel types and how the wheels stay tight to the rails. After a look around and some Q and A with my hosts and the ride mechanics we then head up stairs where the trains are stored and overhauled. Upstairs they also showed us a new harness that has been designed for amputees. After leaving the maintenance building we then head back up into the station area with look at various things in the station pertaining to launching and loading a train. We then headed into the control room where the trains are controlled from. Inside the control room are various monitors, control panels, lots of buttons and switches. After a look in the control room it was time to take Montu for a spin. They load you in the front seat for a spin and the tour was over. It was an awesome experience to get a close up look at these amazing machines called roller coaster. If you are at Busch Gardens Tampa and would like to take an up close look at Montu the tour is called Roller Coaster Insider. The tour was great, all the information shared and the experience of getting up into the brake run was an awesome experience.

Busch Gardens Tampa
Tampa, Florida
February 8th, 2010
Down into the work area and a photo of the stairs we go up.
Various stuff lying about and the control panel that operates the coaster.
A new harness for amputees to ride.
And they just happen to have a blue print of the layout.
Montu Behind the Scene Tour
Montu Behind the Scene Tour
Various photos of wheels and wheel assemblies.
Various photos of Montu from various points on the tour.
Click all the photos for a larger view.
The sign says, Authorized Personnel Only.
Inside the maintenance building and up in the stairway of Montu.
Montu will never be the same after I got on the controls.
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